Dr. Raoul TAMEKOU TSOWA is pleased to announce the signing of partnerships with two prestigious panafrican organizations: FORCE LEADERSHIP AFRICAIN and the CENTRE DE RECHERCHE SUR LA DÉMOCRATIE ET LE DÉVELOPPEMENT EN AFRIQUE (CREDDA).

African Leadership Force (FLA) is a pan-African and intergenerational non-profit organization of reflection, awareness and action based in Montreal. Its main missions are:

– Foster the pursuit of excellence in all areas of activity among Africans, whether they are here in Canada or anywhere in the world;

– Promote leadership and entrepreneurship within Canada's African communities;

– And contribute to the implementation of a mutually beneficial partnership between Canada and Africa.

The CREDDA it is a framework for analysis and research on the fundamental issues of African societies. The center is housed within the Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs, based in the Democratic Republic of Congo.