For almost five decades, Canada's relations with the African continent have been limited to specific areas: development assistance, promotion of democracy, peace and security, and mining. But in recent years, mindful of Africa's tremendous economic potential, another mission has been added to the previous ones: the promotion of trade activities. Quebec is not to be outdone, as its latest latest strategic international visionmakes Africa a priority issue. In short, in Canada and Quebec, the African market is a rich, vast space to invest in. However, for these regions, Africa remains a terra incognita. Our service offer perfectly captures the scope of this gap. IDEES-AFRICA's mission is to advise, assist public decision-makers, private companies, expert firms and NPOs in

entering the African market and society. We are specialized in networking with actors, sectors, markets, and opportunities between the two regions. We find commercial outlets in Africa for Canadian/Quebec know-how and expertise. We work to connect Quebec and African companies at the institutional, cultural, and economic levels through institutional twinning. At the same time, we offer customized training to African decision-makers, administrative executives, managers, and elected officials, drawing on the experience of Canadian governance and public management. We advise African companies and governments in the reform of their management practices and in the modernization of their organizations, based on the knowledge of Canadian know-how.

Our services include

Economic intelligence

Decentralised cooperation

Emerging Markets